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Address: Shop 3/22 Waterview Walk, Docklands VIC 3008

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5 Average rating
Image of Tamara Neller
11 Mar 2020
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Owners are really nice. My hair dresser did such a great job with my hair cut. Love it! Thank you

Image of Paul Khongthong
08 Mar 2020
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I just got the hair cut at Araya Hair & Beauty shop.The customer service is exceptional and friendly. Dresser very patient to their customer. I would highly recommend, and once you

Image of Kahlil Gray
04 Mar 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Araya is a brilliant hairdresser! Thank you for all of the great haircuts :)

Image of Ajeesh Varghese
22 Feb 2020
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Good hair saloon. Friendly staff,very Professional and normal rates only.

Image of Suppachart Tantisureeporn
19 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

I have just recently discover this hidden gem in Dockland. My hairdresser has a keen eye for detail. Really happy with the result. This shop has become my favourite from now on.

Image of Jinn
15 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

First time in Melbourne for a holiday and came across this as we were walking. Professional and affordable. Lovely ladies. My mum is super happy with her new haircut and she will go back there next Melbourne visit.

Image of Melanie Hachez
10 Feb 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Araya is amazing. She is super friendly and she understood/did exactly what I wanted with my hair color and also the haircut. The prices are also really cheap. Highly recommend that hair salon!

Image of Samantha Burling
06 Feb 2020
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I wish I could come to Melbourne every 6 weeks to have my hair done here. I left feeling amazing my hair was amazing but most of all I had a awesome time in the shop! The colour and service was outstanding

Image of Lauren Perry
25 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Amazing experience, Araya and her team took great care of me and helped me get my long hair into a beautiful new style and in way better condition. Araya is also a super lovely person, made me feel so comfortable and welcome. Her and her

Image of Jake Manley
07 Jan 2020
Found the review Helpful?

Fabulous upmarket professional hair salon. I first visited the Araya Hair salon about 12 months and was very impressed with the friendly, caring atmosphere of the salon staff. Nowadays, after sitting down, I simply say can I please have a

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Image of Sab Ayyappan
10 Apr 2020
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My girlfriend went there to get her nails done in this amazing place. Quality of service is very good and she got her work done with “Mia” who was a lovely lady and true professional. On the down side the shop was not very clean, but my girlfriend said she will go back for sure every month because the service and quality was good.

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25 Mar 2020
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I went to get a simple shellac manicure today, to say the least it was a horrible experience. This salon lacks basic hygiene!! The lady who was doing my nails starting cleaning a dirty bottle with the cuticle pusher then wanted to use it on

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22 Mar 2020
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Always a good experience when I come here. The service is relaxing, professional and the ladies pay a lot of attention to detail. Cannot recommend this place enough.

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07 Mar 2020
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I’ve always loved the salon and used to recommend it to my friends. Not anymore. Went there before noon and asked if they had the time for sns, they said yes, what was obviously not the case.. as I left after 1pm! Something that usually

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06 Mar 2020
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This place used to be good a while back but now it’s just disappointing. Took them 45 minutes including waiting time for a simple soak off of SNS and I paid $15 for it. No manicure or anything. Ridiculous. Don’t take walk ins if you can’t