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Address: shop207T/26 Watertank Way, Melbourne VIC 3000

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4.7 Average rating
Image of Brittany Doherty
23 Apr 2020
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What a lovely place! The lash room is very nice; they give you a warm blanket to lay under and I was so comfy that I fell asleep! The girls who work here are all pleasant and kind. But the best part is the service; my lashes look great

Image of Karen Nyunt
11 Apr 2020
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Only problem with Last House is it's in Melbourne. I have not found a salon with the same level of care and quality in Sydney. Lashes look great in Melbourne.

Image of Charlotte Latina
05 Apr 2020
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Lash House is the best lash salon I've been to! From the beginning with booking my lash extensions, the girls were very helpful and attentive. They went above and beyond to book my appointment and to explain the lash extensions, and where

Image of Linda Dinamite
16 Mar 2020
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The service is really good and the quality as well. All girls are good professional. Since I got done my lashes in this store, I became a loyal and happy client. =)

Image of Emily Rowe
13 Mar 2020
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I've been going to Kate Lash House for nearly two years, and refuse to go anywhere else. Kate and Elly both do wonderful jobs, have great attention to detail and always treat their customers respectfully. I can't begin to count the amount

Image of Ebony Price
10 Mar 2020
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All the girls are so friendly and professional. Couldn't be any happier with my lashes, I've kept coming back! I purchased the lash shampoo and use that to keep my lashes fresh and clean. Love all your work x

Image of Sarah Moffat
22 Feb 2020
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Very professional service at Lash House. I had Renee as my technician, she took off my old lashes which she did very gently and then did a full set of double lashes which took an hour and a half. I felt super comfortable whilst having my

Image of Serena Cassidy
21 Feb 2020
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2 stars because they used to be very good. I started going in October 2017 and they were amazing and very friendly. I was surprised at how easy and pain free the process was.

Image of Niki Samarias
22 Jan 2020
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All the girls are so sweet and I love my lashes xx

Image of Liz Liz
22 Jan 2020
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I've been with them for years , Best eyelashes extension , service, booking arrangements in Melbourne!

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3.7/5 (10 reviews)
Image of Sab Ayyappan
10 Apr 2020
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My girlfriend went there to get her nails done in this amazing place. Quality of service is very good and she got her work done with “Mia” who was a lovely lady and true professional. On the down side the shop was not very clean, but my girlfriend said she will go back for sure every month because the service and quality was good.

Image of Laura Gibson
25 Mar 2020
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I went to get a simple shellac manicure today, to say the least it was a horrible experience. This salon lacks basic hygiene!! The lady who was doing my nails starting cleaning a dirty bottle with the cuticle pusher then wanted to use it on

Image of Shirley Yao
22 Mar 2020
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Always a good experience when I come here. The service is relaxing, professional and the ladies pay a lot of attention to detail. Cannot recommend this place enough.

Image of Thaís Freitas
07 Mar 2020
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I’ve always loved the salon and used to recommend it to my friends. Not anymore. Went there before noon and asked if they had the time for sns, they said yes, what was obviously not the case.. as I left after 1pm! Something that usually

Image of Ekin Asln
06 Mar 2020
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This place used to be good a while back but now it’s just disappointing. Took them 45 minutes including waiting time for a simple soak off of SNS and I paid $15 for it. No manicure or anything. Ridiculous. Don’t take walk ins if you can’t