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Address: 65 Pier St, Altona VIC 3018

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2.8 Average rating
Image of Paul Charters
24 Apr 2020
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Helpful and great service

Image of Drone Doctor
12 Mar 2020
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Nice friendly enough service but demanding $1 a page to certify a copy is inappropriate and unsavoury. Gold coin donation to a charity would be acceptable. Won't return for certified copies or any purchases for that matter in the future.

Image of Rã Field
11 Mar 2020
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I, a qualified researcher of based western medicines,along with a history of working properly through extensive studies of/& with Natural Medicines;& how they can compliment & work safely with each other, am appauled at the lack of accurate

Image of MJ
22 Feb 2020
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Staff are friendly and helpful and go the extra mile to help you with any queries or concerns. They provide a warm connection with their clients.

Image of DazzaMack
22 Feb 2020
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Went in to have some documents certified. More than happy to pay the $1 per page, however had some very specific wording that needed to be written on photograph documents. I also had written instructions which i showed her at the time. The

Image of Rebecca McDonald
18 Feb 2020
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Had a stat dec that needed witnessing - I know its not the job of a pharmacist to do this but neither is it a doctor's or a police person's. Its going to be a waste of someone's time. The place was completely empty and the pharmacist flat out refused!

Image of Nixer Doyle
16 Feb 2020
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I've been here twice and been 'served' by the same condescending, uppity, underqualified staff member. She knew far less about the medication I requested than I did & treats every customer as a possible junkie. Clearly a person who thinks that 'pharmacy assistant' is somehow on a level above 'checkout chick'.

Image of Ed Ghiocas
09 Feb 2020
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Always helpful and polite

Image of Antoinette Falzon
16 Jan 2020
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it had what i wanted

Image of Chelsea Beth
01 Jan 2020
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Fantastic service! The staff here, from the various lovely Pharmacists to the ladies in the shop, are knowledgeable, super friendly and helpful. Pricing is excellent and staff are very patient. Pharmacy is clean, well laid out and and stocks a large range of products. Thank you to the team at Tyrrells for taking care of us!

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