Mildura City Business Directory

Mildura is a city in northwest Victoria, Australia and it has a population of around 30,016. Climate of Mildura is semi-arid, it has hot summers and cool winters. Mildura is 57m above the sea level. Mildura is well-known for its fresh and vast produce of Citrus Fruits specifically oranges and wine. Around 80% of Victoria’s Grapes production is from Mildura and is major source of lots of châteaux. Best places to explore in Mildura are Mildura Brewery, Mildura art Centre, Lang Tree Hall, King’s Billabong, Woodsie’s Gem Shop, Orange World, Mildura Waves and Australian Inland Botanic Garden. Best Cuisines in Mildura are Stefano’s Restaurant which serves Italian food, Two Black Sheep Café, Blk Milk Café, Mildura Brewery Pub, Trentham Estate Restaurant, Botanica Restaurant, Brass Monkey Restaurant, Pizza Café at the Grand, Amazing Cakes Café Bakery and Curry and Tandoor Indian Cuisine. Transportation includes airways, buses and Trains.

Mildura is a city in Australia, and on this page we provide you links of all the various businesses listed here.