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Address: 1/540 Botany Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015

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Image of Anthony M
02 Apr 2020
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Could probably utilise the space a lot better. Has huge potential but some of the equipment doesn’t work, one of the toilet doors doesn’t close and there doesn’t seem to be much of a community vibe. Would love to see some improvements to the place

Image of Gary Nash
14 Mar 2020
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Air conditioning not working in 35 degree heat. The whole gym absolutely reeked.

Image of Ashley Gastelaars
12 Mar 2020
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Run down, old equipment, one toilet door won’t close, shower doors not marked, no waterspout(bring a water bottle) vending machine doesn’t vend products and only 1 row out of 7 has product on it.

Image of Tom Crosby
24 Feb 2020
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quiet gym and very good staff

Image of Adam Lee
22 Feb 2020
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Equipment is old and worn. Plus, the equipment is all placed close to one another. There are no fans or functioning air conditioning, so it gets very hot. Very disappointing.

Image of Jason Ju
10 Feb 2020
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spent 1 year here, was very old equipment and once the aircon broke it wasnt fixed for a few months so I left for UFC gym around the block.

Image of S Perera
22 Jan 2020
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Not too big but excellent place

Image of N Armstrong
08 Jan 2020
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Gym needs a filtered bubbler / fountain and some existing power points upgraded to also include usb charging ports. Need balancing stand on Matt and air con and exhaust filters cleaned. Place needs new carpet and paint

Image of Andrew Dilley
07 Jan 2020
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Its a small gym with a single squat rack which also doubles as a bench press. Only one straight barbell which I could see. Selection of machines to choose from if that's your thing, but find another gym if you're keen on proper barbell

Image of Naveen Meena
06 Jan 2020
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