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Address: 9108 Glenmore Pkwy, Glenmore Park NSW 2745

Overall feedback

3 Average rating
Image of Glenn Bullock
23 Apr 2020
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Regular customer , good quality

Image of Shahin Khan
15 Apr 2020
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Fresh tasty food & amazing people

Image of Matthew Thomplin
11 Mar 2020
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Below adequate service from KFC Glenmore Park today. Had to wait 10 minutes to even be served! So much for 'fast food', when we received our order, the go bucket portion sizes didn't suit the price. Never had an issue with any other KFC, but Glenmore Park is always missing something. Disappointed.

Image of Bernd Dunnbier
08 Mar 2020
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Very busy place good service

Image of James Cook
26 Feb 2020
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The only KFC that has ever refused to swap my potato and gravy with an extra bread roll (which is cheaper!) and I've been ordering KFC since 1996.

Image of Rik Trotter
25 Feb 2020
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Just another poor experience at Glenmore Park KFC, order messed up even after the girl at the pick up window ensured me she had checked it.I ran through the order specifically to prevent this from happening again. But

Image of Fred howell
26 Jan 2020
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Nice and lean

Image of mycmjaf
25 Jan 2020
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My husband and son ordered and when they arrived home, we found that the large chips given was the small size. So I rang the store to provide feedback and the manager offered to give us a large, but it was late night and we did not want to

Image of Brooke Shaw
19 Jan 2020
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Super duper slow store, you'll end up in their drive thru for 15 plus minutes

Image of Lyn Bishop
13 Jan 2020
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Great place to have lunch. Had the pleasure of being served by Jemma excellent customer services, definitely an asset to KFC employing an A+++ staff.

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